Jim the Springer Spaniel has been great addition to our family joining Ozzie our Labradinger (Labrador and Springer Cross) who is more Labrador than Springer but with a great nature and Carly the Cat.  Since joining our family Jim has flourished, shy and nervous when he first arrived he has grown in confidence he loves cuddles – almost standing on his head to get attention. He loves to run up and greet every dog he sees and because of his fantastic nature has never had a bad reaction from another dog. Jim and Ozzie are like each others’ shadow you would believe they had always been together. Our very small cat Carly however rules the roost. Jim loves playing with her and Carly bats him with her paws but its all paw and no claws. She also loves to ambush him on night time walks. Jim’s favourite trick however it to steal chews from Ozzie (after they have been chewed soft first). Finn is such a gentle and friendly dog that Ozzie is happy and content to play the game. This previously hard working gamekeepers dog also thoroughly enjoyed a visit to Pampered Pets and is now a much loved family dog. We would like to thank Jonathan for allowing us to adopt him and would recommend Jonathan to anyone thinking of adopting a dog. He is a great judge of character and really understands which dog would suit which owner.